Information Security is a huge field with a myriad of complex issues and requirements. Organizations need to be prepared to deal with changing technologies and threats. We help organizations develop a security posture that is optimal for their industry and specific business needs.

Developing and executing on a reliable information security strategy is dependent on truly understanding existing risks. However, innumerable threats, numerous onerous regulatory requirements and hundreds of technology solutions make for a complex, convoluted and fragmented security and compliance landscape. Most organizations do not have:

  • The knowledge and the expertise (or the time) to evaluate how to identify and bridge the gap between their security and business goals.
  • The resources to develop a comprehensive security program.
  • The ability to objectively and independently review their security program.

At Accuratus, we understand that the strength of an organization’s security program is only as strong as its weakest link. We are information security experts who specialize in helping organizations strengthen their weakest links in the security program, trim budget fat through automation and align the security program to complement the audit, regulatory and compliance goals.

Security Management Consulting

As part of our security consulting practice we provide:

  • Reviews of Information Security strategies, plans, policies and effectiveness of Information Security initiatives
  • Consultancy advice on how to effectively set up and manage Information Security Initiatives and policies, procedures, standard and guidelines.
  • Outsourcing of  security management where we deal with a variety of  information security aspects.
  • Setting up IT projects and project management (e.g. archiving, outsourcing, patch management, security awareness, auditing and logging).
  • Training and mentoring of IT Security Staff.
  • ISO 27000 assessments and implementation guidance.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting
  • IT Security Technical Reviews
  • Reviews of Technical Controls
  • Assessment of technical risks and advice on how to reduce and manage risks more effectively.
  • Attack and Penetration testing – ethical hacking (external and internal).
  • Advice on various technical security issues (Patch Management, anti-virus, wireless networks, DMZ structures).
  • Incident Response and Computer Forensic investigations.
  • Social Engineering exercises.