All signs seem to indicate that 2015 is going to be the year of the hospital attack. 2014 has already seen a huge number of medical records being stolen from health-care facilities. Hospitals and other health-care related organizations are being increasingly hacked.  There has been a 600% increase in attacks on hospitals. The reason is simple – they are not as secure and increasingly digitizing customer health records. Which, by the way, not only contain health history but also names, social security numbers, addresses and other information that can easily be used for insurance fraud and identity theft.

There is another reason this is a worrisome trend. A bank can replace a credit card for about $5 and customer liability for a fraudulent charge is usually limited to about $50. What is the cost to the consumer (and the hacked organization) if their health history is stolen along with other information?

It is time for health care organizations to buckle down and really evaluate the risks of not having an effective security program in place.