The Unisys sponsored Ponemon InstituteCritical Infrastructure: Security Preparedness and Maturity” study was recently published.

The gist of the study underlines the need for more secure SCADA systems. Only 28% of the survey respondents agreed that security (of their ICS) was one of the top five strategic priorities at a time when the risk to SCADA (and ICS) is increasing significantly. Another significant finding was that security compromises are occurring in most companies – a whopping 67% of the companies indicated there had at least one security compromise that led to loss of confidential information. Does not jive security not being one of the top priorities at all! A major reason seems to be that companies are not getting actionable real-time threat alerts. There obviously is a huge gap between concerns about security and what they are actually doing to prevent & stop attacks.

If your organization has critical infrastructure, read the report. The call us to develop to a comprehensive security plan – a proactive approach is a cost-effective strategy.